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Credit: New England International Donors (NEID)

I offer design, curation, and facilitation of events and retreats to ensure the ideal diversity of people and content.

Credit: The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship For New Americans


Content Curation

I can work side-by-side with experts and organizers to ensure that the content of your conference, workshop, or retreat aligns with your goals.


Whether in person, online, or both, I can help design and facilitate interactive and co-creative sessions that lead to your desired outcomes.

Face-to-face/Virtual Integration

Drawing from two decades of experience designing and delivering online as well as “hybrid” programs I can help you create the ideal mix for your participants.

Winthrop stands out as a shining example of someone who is truly in service to impact, able to discern the connectivity gaps in the sector, able to fill those gaps to lift others up, and to do so with grace and generosity.

Topher Wilkins / CEO, Opportunity Collaboration & Founder,

Let's Work Together

If your organization and its stakeholders need help reaching new heights in collective impact...

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