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Credit: Ashesi University



In roles from CEO, board member, founder and consultant to teacher, researcher, author and editor, I’ve worked with big institutions like Harvard, start-ups like Empowered to Educate, and global networks like the Melton Foundation and New England International Donors.
I’ve learned much from where I’ve hung my hat, including Spanish from my childhood in Colombia. Lots of things fire up my neurons, from cooking with family to playing electric bass. I balance all this excitement with forays into nature.

For specifics, scroll over my service areas below

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New England International Donors

Supporting strategic growth of philanthropist network

MIT D-Lab Practical Impact Alliance

Participant and co-facilitator in network focused on participatory design (co-creation)

Melton Foundation

Executive Director of a Global Citizenship fellowship program and network

Harvard Kennedy School

Built a learning and research network of public-sector innovation awards programs

Catalyst 2030

Helping to build a global network of social entrepreneurs

The Wellbeing Project

Active member of ecosystem that supports the inner wellbeing of changemakers


World Bank - Indonesia

Taught researchers & edited case studies on innovation

MIT D-Lab Practical Impact Alliance

Co-facilitated workshops on participatory design (co-creation)

Melton Foundation

Led organization of 10 global conferences and co-designed and co-led workshops on diverse topics

Strategic ICT for Latin American Leaders

Designed & co-taught 4 courses for university leaders in Chile, Venezuela, and at Harvard U.

Carnegie Council

Co-designed and facilitated Leveraging Networks for Impact Roundtable Series

Presidency of Mexico & USAID

 Co-organized and co-taught conferences & workshops on government innovation

Emerging Leaders

Melton Foundation

Executive Director of a Global Citizenship fellowship program and network

Empowered to Educate

Helping to create and launch a fellowship program for women innovators in education

Harvard LASPAU

Managed  educational development programs in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Central America.

Ford Foundation – Rio de Janeiro

Co-developed Afro-Brazilian Studies Program

University of Barcelona

Managed Study Abroad program

World Learning

Advised Central American USAID Scholars at US universities

My Core Values
Gender Equity-01.png


Gender equity is the critical path to a more fair, tolerant, and sustainable world.

Education Icon-01.png


True access to quality education is the best investment we can make.

Collaboration 2-01.png


We need to learn how to share turf, credit, and accountability.


Integrity Icon-01.png

Try every day to narrow the gap between what we say and what we do.

Let's Work Together

If your organization and its stakeholders need help reaching new heights in collective impact...

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