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With the right strategies, your community can be greater than the sum of its parts. I will help you design a network that helps your stakeholders advance your mission.


Successful collaboration is about getting busy people out of their silos. I can help you design networks that reduce the barriers to collaborating.

Learning Opportunities

Learning opportunities are often the primary reason that people stay active in networks. I will help you embed relevant and actionable learning opportunities into your network’s activities.

Strategic Network Design

 I will help you weave the quilt of your network's components —from staffing and rules to online platforms and face-to-face convenings— in alignment with your mission and vision. 

Winthrop is one of the most dynamic, adaptable and creative leaders I have known. His ability to leverage systemic and individual capacities is unparalleled. Winthrop brings value, depth and innovation to every collaboration.

Melanie Miller/ Former Chair, Board of Directors / Melton Foundation

Let's Work Together

If your organization and its stakeholders need help reaching new heights in collective impact...

All Together Strategies

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